The Henzi Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

The Henzi Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to families who have lost a child and need help with covering the final expenses. We work directly with the funeral home, cremation service or legacy service of your choice to ensure that your loved one receives a dignified and respectful farewell.

Question: How is the money paid? Or, to whom the money is paid?


The money to help with final expenses would go directly to the funeral home, cremation service or legacy service of your choosing.

Question: How do people find out about the fund?


Word of mouth, funeral homes and churches would be a place to start to help us spread the word (by sharing this site or FrankieFund.org). We’re also on Facebook.

Question: Is my donation tax deductible?


Yes! The Henzi Foundation has received acceptance from the IRS to be a registered non-profit charity. We are indeed a 501(c)3 meaning you can write your deduction off on your taxes for calendar year 2021 and beyond.

Question: What is the Frankie Fund and what does it have to do with the Henzi Foundation?


The Frankie Fund is the primary driver of The Henzi Foundation Inc., an incorporated non-profit. We are pledged to The Frankie Fund through 2021 by providing the normal day to day expenses and limited advertising on our own (we do have jobs too).


After meeting our goal of paying for the full and final expenses for one child in 2021 we will look into using donations for operating expenses of the foundation – not until then.


Until we meet our goals the costs for printing, servers, email, fundraising, advertising and other costs like gas mileage are paid for by the Foundation founders and volunteers – out of pocket. We are seeking help through GoFundMe in this regard, please see our donation page.

Question: How do you keep people from taking advantage of the service?


Unfortunately, there are always people who will try to take advantage during a time of need, and you can’t always be sure. But by giving the money directly to the funeral home we’re hoping it would be harder for those looking to take advantage of charity to get the money.

Question: How do you decide who qualifies for the fund?


By reading obituaries, watching and reading news stories (the death of a child is often in the news) and word of mouth. We are sadly not yet in a position to take on helping every family.

Question: Do families have to pay it back?


Of course not. They can at a later date donate for another family in need if they decide, but that’s it, we’re not asking any family to pay back into The Frankie Fund.

Question: How can I be sure where my money goes?


Our fund is transparent. “Our door is always open” – sunshine is the best cleaner! We are accepting donations today that will fully fund helping families in 2021. We are looking to cover the costs, maybe provide advertising for the foundation so that we can reach more people, out of our own money. If you have questions never hesitate to contact us, or the treasurer, rachel@frankiefund.org.

Question: Do you pay for the whole funeral or cremation?


That is the ultimate goal. Right now, sometimes depending on available funds, just a sizeable donation would be the best we can do. Our goal is to help the neediest first, with your help we can certainly pay the complete and final expenses for a lost loved one. We have lofty goals, and a long way to go. But, we will get there – with our resolve and the support of our donors.

Question: What if the family has another fund set up?


Those funds could be and should be used.


Sometimes it isn’t enough or money comes from people after the final expenses have been paid. If the family collects enough to pay for the funeral expenses on their own, we wouldn’t get involved. But if they have money in their fund after everything is paid, that money is theirs to use however they need.


There will be expenses that they might not realize but are involved – food runs out, time off needs to be taken.


Sadly in these moments there are sometimes also mounting medical bills or unpaid obligations left behind by the child. we want to make sure every penny counts when a parent and family are suffering through this tragedy.

Question: What if my question isn’t answered and I want to learn more?


Please contact us or e-mail us, info@frankiefund.org

Too many children are underinsured and parents cannot afford a funeral