Join the Family

We are starting out and we could use your help. Currently the Foundation is run by the family of Frankie Antunes and a handful of star fundraisers and volunters giving their expertise. See below to learn more about each of the family and see where you could fit in as we grow this effort.

Rachel Henzi, Mother, Treasurer

Rachel is the backbone of The Henzi Foundation, realizing that though there is help in form of crowdfunding, existing charities and direct help there is more that could be done. Her strength to drive us all to change the world is an inspiration.

Joseph Henzi, Brother, President

Wanting more to life than just the corporate grind Joe wanted to help the world more than his existing donation schedule and worked hand in hand with Rachel to kick off The Frankie Fund & The Henzi Foundation, putting out the word as you see here.

Sadie Antunes, Sister, Vice President

Sadie is maybe the strongest member of the foundation pushing us all to do and be better in each way we conduct ourselves, both inside and outside of our foundation work. Sadie is the champion of the little guy, every time, without question.

How You Can Get Involved

Donate Or Contact UsĀ to get Involved