Is There Help?

While it may seem like there is no where to turn and that no one understands the pain and suffering that one goes through when losing a child, don’t lose hope.

You are not alone and there are groups of people who know the pain you’re going through – they are available to support you through this tremendously terrible time.

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Resources For Grieving Parents

The Compassionate Friends Network

With locations in all 50 US States, The Henzi Foundation recommends reaching out to a local chapter or finding a location online through their website.

Many parents who have lost their children prematurely turn to The Compassionate Friends Network for help and you can too.

If you cannot find a location close to you or need to reach out to someone who understands your pain – they also have a listing of 24/7 Facebook Groups that are always available to help. These are real people and groups run by bereaved parents, feel safe and confident reaching out.

If you are in a position to give to a wonderful service to grieving parents, we also believe this is money well donated. See their donation page here to donate online.

“There are no strangers at TCF meetings—only friends you have not yet met.”

The Compassionate Friends Network

MISS Foundation

The MISS Foundation is an organization that provides counseling, advocacy, education, research and support for families who have lost a child or are facing the loss of a child. The foundation also runs the Selah Carefarm, a sanctuary where traumatically bereaved families can interact with rescued animals and nature. The foundation offers training for providers who work with bereaved families, as well as testimonials, news and stories about their work.

The MISS Foundation also offers online forums and support groups for direct help should you or someone you know need it.


Everyone needing respite and healing for a loss, no matter the cause of the loss or the background of those involved, is welcome at KAREfarm. You can heal at a retreat that will not turn you away while KAREfarm will provide support, lodging and meals at no cost so there is nothing between you and the support that can help. In beautiful Brooksville, KY you can connect with others and receive support from grief facilitators on 97 acres of rolling hills and escape into miles of trails, fish in the lake and more while “glamping” around those who actually know what you’re going through. In times where you think that no one understands the difficulty you may be facing, KAREfarm is a place to understand you’re not alone and talk to those who are facing similar circumstances while escaping the surroundings you find yourself now.

POMC – Parents of Murdered Children

Sadly too many of our children are taken away from us at the hands of another. The Parents of Murdered Children group has a resources page that’s a great starting point if you’ve found yourself in this awful situation.

They are also looking for your support and are taking donations online through their portal here.

Victim Connect

A resource center for victims of violent acts they offer a place for you to start if one of your loved ones has been the victim of a violent crime. See their Homicide and Grief page to start.

They also have a hotline you can call for support and talk to a victim assistant specialist: 1-855-4VICTIM (1-855-484-2846)

If you are uncomfortable talking by phone they offer an online chat service available at chat.victimconnect.org.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Sadly one of the leading causes of death for teenagers is suicide. Knowing this the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, or AFSP, has put together a resources page with listing for those who have survivied someone who has committed suicide.

The Henzi Foundation also recommends giving, if possible, to this great cause to help drive down the reason we lose our loved ones too soon. Learn more and how you can donate here.

COVID-19 Resources

If you’ve lost a loved one to COVID-19 and are looking for a place to turn there are support groups forming that can help you start healing that wound.

Survivor Corps

This Facebook group is dedicated to not only survivors of COVID, but to those who have survived the loss of loved ones to COVID-19. If you are already on Facebook we encourage you to join and support others and reconcile your loss through communicating with those like you.

COVID Survivors for Change

Due to their own experience with loss this group has banded together to eradicate COVID-19. Among their goals is providing survivors of COVID resources that can help in this uncertain time. See their page here to get help after surviving COVID-19.

Where else can I turn?

SAMHSA – Substance Abuse and Mental Health  Services Administration

If none of the services above apply or you don’t find condolence in what they have to offer the service SAMHSA.gov, operates a toll free line that can help connect you to the right service.

Call The 24/7 Help Line: 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

Their services are free and confidential with an aim to get you connected with the right service. If you are facing a mental health problem due to loss, fighting addiction or difficulty grieving and need to talk to a professional or support group they can get you on the right path.

For anyone struggling right now with the loss of a loved one, the depression, guilt and anxiety that comes with it – they are ready to help.

We especially recommend this service if you are a parent needing direction on how to best find help for the siblings affected by the loss of a child. Support groups and counseling might be the best answer, and if you find that you are in a position where counseling is out of your price range they can help.

“SAMHSA’s National Helpline, 1-800-662-HELP (4357), (also known as the Treatment Referral Routing Service) or TTY: 1-800-487-4889 is a confidential, free, 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year, information service, in English and Spanish, for individuals and family members facing mental and/or substance use disorders.

This service provides referrals to local treatment facilities, support groups, and community-based organizations. Callers can also order free publications and other information.”


Frequently Asked Questions, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration

Other Resources to Check Out

Lifenet has a budding listing of grief support services for those who have lost someone. The focus is on the Washington State area but with some help they could and will list more resources. This is a page to check out if you’re in Washington state, Virgina or Florida or something to watch.

NICU Helping Hands is a charity that helps guide those who have lost a baby to several support services and has materials and their own worksheets and more to help you in your time of suffering. Take a look at their page to see if what they offer is right for what you need. From family support to one-on-one needs, they might have what you’re looking for.

Now I lay me down to sleep is a charity resource for those who have lost a baby who provides photography support for those facing a loss of a baby. The testimonial on their site says their work has made people feel more blessed looking back than regretful of their loss. Maybe their service can be of help or you can contribute to their cause of volunteer.

Resources for Grieving Children

The WARM Place is an organization that offers peer support groups, potluck dinners, and special family events for children and their families who are grieving the death of a loved one.

The WARM Place helps them connect with other families who understand their loss and provides a safe and compassionate space for them to heal. Someone who has lost a child might want to leverage their services for their other children who survived because they can benefit from the emotional support, coping skills, and sense of belonging that The WARM Place provides.

“There’s something that nobody else can do for you besides a group of people who have been in your shoes and that’s what The WARM Place is for us.”


Parent, WARM Place

Other Charities Supporting Funeral Costs for Children

Thanks to the generous nature of mankind and the tragedies we all face at times The Frankie Fund is not the only organization looking to help pay for the funerals of children who are lost too soon. There are a variety of focused groups who may be there to help. See the list below to see if one of these organization are suited for your needs or even donate to these other causes who share our basic mission. We only want to help people who need it – no matter what form it comes in, as long as they get the support from community then we’ve all done our jobs.

Skyler’s Gift is a non-profit organization that supports families who have lost premature babies and research to end prematurity. The organization was founded by Tiffany and Stephen Bowen, who lost their twin sons Skyler and Spencer at 23 weeks of gestation.

Skyler’s Gift provides financial assistance for burial costs, grief counseling, and other support programs for bereaved parents. It also partners with other organizations that share its mission and vision of ending prematurity and saving lives. Skyler’s Gift accepts donations from the public and organizes events and news to raise awareness and funds for its cause.

Children’s Burial Assistance is a non-profit organization that provides donated burial plots, vaults, cremation services, caskets, urns and headstones for children who are lost (under 18). They are primarily based out of Georgia, USA and offer a wide variety of resources that might be right for you.

If you are laying a child to rest and need to obtain a casket (and aren’t going direct) or other items you may want to reach out to the organization and fill out their assistance form.

Final Farewell is a service that helps parents struggling to pay for laying their child to rest. They offer a form to ask for assistance.

Final Farewell helps families provide an affordable funeral for a loved child.  We provide financial assistance, advice and guidance.  We’ve helped families from all religions and backgrounds. Your donation enables us to offer the enormous gift of a decent burial and a proper good-bye.”

General Support

If you have faced a recent loss and aren’t even sure where to get started in funeral planning, how to estimate the costs and provide for a service that will send your loved ones off with the respect they deserve then you might want to check out Funeral.org.

They are a collective of funeral consumers looking to help guide those suffering with the pain of a recent loss on how to best navigate the complex work it sometimes can be to setup a final service for those we loved.

They offer support and guidance and worth looking into if you aren’t sure where to start.