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Understanding Grief: Navigating the Complex Journey of Parental Loss

In this article we dive into how to best support a parent who has lost a child and cover some key resources.

How Titan Casket Is Disrupting the Funeral Industry with Direct-to-Customer Caskets

For grieving parents who need to save money, finding cheap caskets is essential.

From Higher Child Mortality to Unaffordable Funerals: The cost of dying poor in America.

Low income families in America not only find it difficult to meet the funeral expenses of their child, they are also more likely to suffer the unfortunate fate of their child dying early.

Finding Hope and Healing: Navigating the Heartache of Loss

The emotions we face when dealing with a difficult loss can be overwhelming but together we can get through these things, with compassion and self-care.

Saving Money on Funeral Expenses: A Practical Guide

Losing a loved one is an emotionally trying experience, and when it comes to funerals, the costs can quickly add up. If you find yourself unprepared for these expenses, fret not; this guide is here to help you navigate the challenging journey of honoring your loved...

Introducing the Louis and Shirley Fund for Childhood Health and Safety (LSFCHS)

The Louis and Shirley Fund for Childhood Health and Safety (LSFCHS) is an upcoming endeavor by The Henzi Foundation, dedicated to preventing childhood illness and accidents. As we are still in the early planning stages, we are excited to embark on this new mission,...

One Pill Can Kill: Combating Drug Sales on Social Media to Save Lives

In recent years, the rise of social media has brought both opportunities and challenges to society. While it has connected people across the globe, it has also provided an alarming platform for illegal activities, including the illicit sale of drugs. The Biden...

The Silent Struggle: Childhood Poverty, Illness, High Mortality Rates, and The Frankie Fund’s Lifeline for Grieving Families

In the shadows of our society, there exists a silent struggle that often goes unnoticed. Childhood poverty, illness, and high mortality rates are intertwined issues that affect countless families across the nation, leaving them feeling helpless and isolated. It is...

The Frankie Fund: Casting a Light in the Darkest of Hours

The Frankie Fund is the brainchild of The Henzi Foundation, created to ease the financial burden of the funeral costs of children. Support us.

A Wealth of Woes – Uncovering the Sinister Sibling Rivalry Between Prosperity and Poverty-Induced Childhood Mortality in America

In the "Land of the Free," with its penchant for "rags to riches" tales, it's easy to turn a blind eye to the darker side of the all-American narrative: the suffering of those who wealth forgot, particularly the pint-sized victims of economic disparity. Despite the...

SIDS: Understanding the Causes, Reducing the Risks, and Finding Support

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a chilling medical enigma that refers to the inexplicable and unexpected demise of seemingly hale and hearty infants, predominantly during their slumber. This perplexing phenomenon snatches thousands of newborns from their cribs...

From Child’s Play to Substance’s Sway: The Ties That Bind Childhood Trauma and Drug Use

Childhood – a playground of laughter and joy, conjuring images of whimsy and innocence. But as much as we'd like to believe life is all hopscotch and butterflies, the cold winds of reality occasionally blow through, leaving behind the unsettling chill of childhood...

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